To old friends and new.

I hope that we can create some magic together in this little corner of the web.

Here is where I will share my thoughts, creations and inspirations with you in the hope that by doing so, we can all be inspired and motivated to make our world and our homes more beautiful and comforting.

I love to be surrounded by beauty and if I take the time to look, I can find it everywhere.

In the faces of my children.

In the slightly too long grass in the back yard.

In the flame of a candle burning.

In the bubbles as I wash the dishes.

In the smell of supper simmering on the stove.

In the satisfaction of an arduous task finally done.

In a tidy room.

In the controlled chaos of creativity.

There are so many opportinities to appreciate - I'm so glad to have you along on my new adventure.

Let's make magic!

1 Friends say...:

Anonymous said...

Two little girls skipping down the beach, hand in hand, with hope in their hearts and magic in their steps.

You are gorgeous and brilliant!
Love you xox