So we are coming to the end of another year.

How many people will be out there making resolutions they know in the back of their minds they won't keep past January 15th?  Are you going to be one of those people - or will you plan your thoughts and goals so that you know you will succeed?

My thoughts are this:

Think in the positive - always!

Find people to help you. At the very least don't hang out with the people who (for whatever reason) don't want you to succeed. Work out who those people are - possibly they are the ones who love you most.

You can tell people your goals or not tell them - you will know who will support you and who won't.

Make a plan, write it down. Break it down into to small, manageable pieces.

Reward yourself when you reach your goal - but don't make the reward a sabotage. ie: if your goal is to be slim, don't reward yourself with food :)

Believe in yourself.
Believe in yourself.
Believe in yourself.

I wish for you an amazing year filled with wins and personal bests.
I believe you can do it. I believe I can do it. So lets go forward and make 2011 the year of our Best Selves!
It's funny how when you really start focusing on positive things, not only does life become a little easier and happier, but you really start to listen and take note how others think and speak...I have noticed that some people are very rigid and judgemental of anything they wouldn't do themselves, some are constantly talking about how bad things are, others are whining about their lives constantly, and others are being victims.

Now, I'm not perfect (by any means!), but I'm grateful for what I have, I try and remember to take responsibility for my life, and yes, when things get rough, it's hard not to get into that "poor me" mindset.

But at the end of the day, positivity attracts more positivity into your life.

The mind doesn't realise that those big dreams of yours aren't real, so go ahead and daydream that you are successful, happy, and driving around in a cute, red convertible (if that's what you want - it's what I want!).
Let it make you happy and have fun with it.
Be mindful of your thoughts and words for just one day and see if it doesn't make a difference...
Here's a question.

Is it possible for an ordinary person like you or I (well we are all extraordinary...) to change ourselves. To invent a whole new life?

Almost like Madonna, or Britney.
But without the resources.
And in a more in-depth way, not just a physical transformation, but an emotional one. A new life, one that has been given a lot of thought and most likely a super-human amount of effort too.

Does it require massive changes? Such as moving to a different state or even country? Or can you do it at home?
Will your friends and family accept it, or will they insist you stay in your pigeon hole, because that is where they are comfortable to have you.
And are all these thoughts because, once again I am bored with my life? Lol...
I find it interesting that one small occurence in a person's life can sometimes have a profound effect on the rest of their life, on their actions, on their thoughts.

That something tiny and seemingly insignificant can set you free, within yourself.

It's an incredible thing, to feel free, and not something that everyone experiences within their lifetime.
It is a state of mind, rather than a physical thing. It is a feeling of relief, of a weight being lifted. It's light as a feather...
It is a feeling that you can do anything you want. Be anyone you want, and the whole world is laid out in front of you, purely for your pleasure.

What to do first?

Do what it is you want to do.

Do what it is you want to do.

Do what it is you want to do.

Go out and experience the things you have always wanted to try. You may love, laugh or cry, but the knowledge that you have taken a chance on your life - that alone is worth any risk.

Be free and fly.

Do you subscribe to the view that love is a romantic proposition, full of hearts and flowers, or do you believe (as I am starting to) that in the end, falling in love is another deal we make.

Let's face it, we all have things we want out of a relationship - and if a potential partner doesn't have the qualities we feel are most important to us, we cut our losses and move on, right?

Have you been, or are you , in a relationship where you aren't getting the things you want and need from your partner? Are you trading lack of emotional intimacy for money or prestige?
I have been reading that we are happier in relationships where we are pretty similar to our partner - where one is not superior in any way to the other...And after some thought I would have to agree - we are probably better off being with someone reasonably similar to a degree.

I'm not sure I think that money has so much to do with it, as values, morals and goals in life.I know that when (or if) I enter into another relationship, I want to be with someone who doesn't think I'm too crazy for having the dreams I do, for wanting to live the life I do, and who supports me in being the person that I am.
To do that he would have to be aligned with me on some level yes?
And I would like to be all that to him as well, and to feel that I can morally do that, without feeling out of alignment with myself.

Any thoughts?
I guess by now, you've heard the saying that happiness is a choice.

In my experience, the choice is to remember what brings you happiness. Those stolen moments of bliss that make you pause and say "aah."

What tiny things in your everyday enchant you and bring a smile to your face - if you let them?

For me it's about finding the romance in the ordinary.

If I allow it to, the simple act of hanging laundry under cloudless blue skies affords me the most glorious feeling that all is right in my world.
A glimpse of red and white polkadotted anything makes me smile.
Libraries, sun-warmed fruit straight from the tree, cupcakes.

All simple pleasures, and all happiness triggers for me.

Take a few minutes to remember your bliss today.