Do you subscribe to the view that love is a romantic proposition, full of hearts and flowers, or do you believe (as I am starting to) that in the end, falling in love is another deal we make.

Let's face it, we all have things we want out of a relationship - and if a potential partner doesn't have the qualities we feel are most important to us, we cut our losses and move on, right?

Have you been, or are you , in a relationship where you aren't getting the things you want and need from your partner? Are you trading lack of emotional intimacy for money or prestige?
I have been reading that we are happier in relationships where we are pretty similar to our partner - where one is not superior in any way to the other...And after some thought I would have to agree - we are probably better off being with someone reasonably similar to a degree.

I'm not sure I think that money has so much to do with it, as values, morals and goals in life.I know that when (or if) I enter into another relationship, I want to be with someone who doesn't think I'm too crazy for having the dreams I do, for wanting to live the life I do, and who supports me in being the person that I am.
To do that he would have to be aligned with me on some level yes?
And I would like to be all that to him as well, and to feel that I can morally do that, without feeling out of alignment with myself.

Any thoughts?

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