I guess by now, you've heard the saying that happiness is a choice.

In my experience, the choice is to remember what brings you happiness. Those stolen moments of bliss that make you pause and say "aah."

What tiny things in your everyday enchant you and bring a smile to your face - if you let them?

For me it's about finding the romance in the ordinary.

If I allow it to, the simple act of hanging laundry under cloudless blue skies affords me the most glorious feeling that all is right in my world.
A glimpse of red and white polkadotted anything makes me smile.
Libraries, sun-warmed fruit straight from the tree, cupcakes.

All simple pleasures, and all happiness triggers for me.

Take a few minutes to remember your bliss today.

2 Friends say...:

Puss-in-Boots said...

...and give thanks for life's little things that make you happy.

I couldn't agree more.

Michelle said...

I'll remember that today while at the clothesline! But I know what you mean, especially the red and white polka dots!!