Interesting things happen when you make the choice to be a positive person.

Your world kind of expands for one. You see more opportunities, you feel more joy, you come into contact with more people, you hear more love.

I guess your awareness expands.

It goes both ways too. You notice when people are being negative. This is something I'd only noticed when it was really bad. You know, when someone was really banging the drum about how sucky their life was.

These days I notice when someone says the littlest thing. I also notice pretty quickly when I am starting to head down that road, which is great, because I can turn the car around before I get stuck in the bitch ditch.

You see, it's all a choice. You can choose how you feel, act or react.
You can choose to feel good, or you can choose to moan and groan about how miserable things are. I don't know about you, but if I'm focused on misery, that's generally how I feel.
When I'm focused on happiness, I feel it.

Sounds simple, and it actually is.
Be aware of your words, and your thoughts. Make it a habit. Hang out with positive people.

Make the choice to feel good, and it won't be long before you feel fantastic!

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