I'm excavating.

I'm delving way back into the deep dark recesses of my childhood and my mind. Taking responsibility for all that has happened and all that will.

It's not a particularly easy task, yet easier than I expected - I should have done it a long time ago, however perhaps I wasn't quite ready. Now, it seems, I am.

I am discovering things about myself I never dreamed. Not good, not bad. Just me.

I realise there is no one to forgive. All I need to do is take responsibility for my thoughts, conscious and unconscious. They are what formed my life.
The ghosts of my childhood are suddenly understood and it's a relief.

I am all I need. No one else is responsible for my happiness. I am free to be authentic. I can be me. Liberated, unapologetic and fabulous.

Today I believe that if I have the following in my life I have all I need...

Love; red shoes; faded florals; gerberas; the seaside; patchwork quilts; a bathtub to soak in; hot air balloons; scented candles; vintage linens; books; strawberries on french toast; clear blue skies; libraries; cottage gardens; perfume; champagne; Paris and all manner of fripperies and fancies.

I'm re-discovering the things I love haven't changed - the woman who loves them however, is changing rather much for the better.

Falling in love with my authentic self all over again.

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Dawn said...

Hey Flossie! Hope you are well. I was just thinking about you and decided to come visit.
Still am using some of those wonderful fabrics you shared with me.

Dawn @ 4:53 am