It's incredibly hard, and incredibly rewarding.
It's where tough love comes into it's own.

It's a job you can't walk away from, no matter how much you need a break.

But I have to say that the older my kids get, the better it gets.
I put in the hard yards when they were little (oh boy did I!).
Give me teenagers any day!

My son is a delightful boy.
My girls are intelligent and beautiful young women. We talk, we laugh and we cry together.

It breaks my heart to see them hurting.

It's hard when your child learns so very young that life is short.
It's not fair that teenagers need to attend their friend's funerals.

To my kids - I love you very much, all the time, no matter what.

Go tell your kids you love them too.

2 Friends say...:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! xox

Remiman said...

I do!
It's so important.