As a woman, I find it can be all too easy to fall into a dull and dreary routine. Working, housework, children's commitments, the demands of everyday life. We allow ourselves to be so full of obligations and must-dos.

I believe we need to take time for ourselves, for if we don't take it, it will never be offered to us.There is more to life than running around doing everything for others.I am of the thinking that if we are not whole and happy, then the things we do for others only cause resentment and anger.

Lets make our lives fulfilling and allow ourselves the luxury of time. Bring some love and romance into your life - by you and for you.

As far as romance goes, do we not put it all onto the shoulders of the man in our lives, and feel eternally disappointed when he fails to meet up to our expectations? On the whole, I have found, men aren't really a romantic bunch. It is us women who adore the trappings of what we perceive as romantic love. The flowers and chocolates, candlelight dinners etc.

In my experience, men really like romance themselves, but would prefer if they didn't have to organise it. If you have a husband or partner that pampers and adores you on a regular basis, love and appreciate him madly!

Or you may be single, as I am, and craving some romance in your life. Just because there is no man around, does not mean you need to be deprived of those wonderful things that make you feel special.

Here's how I put romance into my life.

I have a bath with my favourite marshmallow bubbles. I light candles and lay back and let the warm water soothe all my cares away. Sometimes I have a glass of wine while I'm at it.The trick is to ensure you have everything you need. Fluffy towels. A robe to put on when you are dry. Make it so that you can just relax for as long as you need to. Then climb in and shut out the world.

Dinner by candlelight. This is so easy to do, yet how many of us eat in front of the TV every night? Put your prettiest tablecloth on the table, bring out your "good" china and cutlery (why don't you use it everyday?), put some candles on the table and enjoy your food and any company you may have. Turn the TV off!
You will be amazed at how enjoyable this is. It actually gives you space to think, without the onslaught of rubbish that is our usual dinner companion.

Love flowers? Just bring them home for yourself. If it is something that brightens your day everytime you look at them, why shouldn't you have them in your home all the time? It doesn't need to be an elaborate bouquet, you can pick up a sweet bunch of blooms from the supermarket. What does it matter where they came from - they are from you, for you.

If you happen to get given some beautiful flowers, I guarantee you will still appreciate both the gift and the giver!

If I'm going to have wine and chocolate around, I make sure it's a good red wine that I will savour, and as for chocolate, Green & Black's Organic is my weapon of choice.

In the end, putting romance into your life comes down to treating yourself to what it is that makes you feel good. It should be done on at least a weekly basis. If you have a special someone to share the romance with, all the better, but don't rely on someone else to bring you what you need into your life - and that doesn't just mean romance.

Far better to provide for yourself, be happy now, and enjoy what you attract into your life when you are content with what you have.

2 Friends say...:

Jennifer Paganelli said...

love the self love you put out in this world!! You are my hero..Jennifer

JJ Jalopy said...

Mmm.... Green & Blacks chocolate is one of my favourite things in the world!!