Being comfortable.

What comes to mind when you feel the word comfort? Allow yourself to turn the word over in your mind and take note of what images and feelings you get. Interesting exercise this, as it allows you to learn a little more about yourself, if you let it.

For me, comfort means feeling safe and happy.

A big bed piled with pillows and blankets and throws.
Snuggling under a quilt on a winter's day with my daughters watching a much-loved movie.
A steaming hot cup of tea and a good book - most likely in that bed again.
A long phone conversation with a good friend.
A home-cooked meal enjoyed as a family.
Photos of my kids.
A new book by a favourite author - or just a favourite book.
Piles of freshly washed and folded laundry waiting to be put away.
A drawer full of prettily scented and ironed tea towels (this is where you start to get an idea of my strange little habits).

I believe that we all need comfort in our lives. I'm not talking about the comfort zone here - that is a whole other post - but actual, physical comforts.
The things we do that give us the feeling of "life doesn't get much better than this."
Or the things we turn to when we need reminding that this too shall pass.

These are rituals we bring into our lives to soothe our souls. They are intensely personal and strikingly individual. It helps to be aware of both what they are, and the reasons we use them.
Sometimes I want comfort because it's a cold and grey day. Sometimes I am sad. Sometimes I just need alone time to rejuvenate.

If we become aware of our comforts, then we know that when we crave them, we are mindful of them. We know then that we need to be comforted, that there is something not quite right within our world.

We stop just doing and become a thoughtful being.

There is less drift and more direction.

And that leads to more comfort within.

A nice goal.

2 Friends say...:

Anonymous said...

Sitting in a fluffy white cloud with a ray a sunshine streaming down on me. Classical music is playing gently and I am dozing on and off. One hundred tiny hands are kneading my muscles and wine is being pumped through my veins. A constant supply of my favourite foods are at the ready and bodily functions cease to exist. I feel perfect!

Well... you did ask!

In the real world... I'd climb into that bed! xox

JJ Jalopy said...

Hey Suzie!

I agree with you completely on this even though I'm, like, not a chick.

I think we all crave comfort, whether it be the kind of physical comfort you talk about here, or the comfort of familiar emotions and familiar situations.

I love the feeling of new pillows, or taking the duvet onto the sofa, or being a little bit drunk!

I'm interested about what you have to say about our "comfort zones". I've been thinking about posting about this very same topic for a while now. There are a lot of people in the personal development field who think the best thing for you is to pull you out of your comfort zone. Often, I think the most likely result of this is freak-out and loss of confidence, which can actually be very destructive...

Interested to hear your thoughts as always!