So, how do you cope with disappointment?

Not heartwrenching, change your life stuff, but those little things that you really hoped would turn out great. The closing off of possibilities I suppose you could call it.

Is it you that disappoints you, or is it other people?

I have very recently had an experience with disappointment which has caused me to stop and think about what I project. About what I put "out there."

About exactly what I'm attracting into my life.

Actually this disappointment has been ongoing for a while now, and that is because I'm the type of person who likes to hold onto things til the bitter end. Even when I can see it's not working for me. Something I would like to change in my personality, by the way (I'm working on it).

After some thought, I realise that I chose to look for the possibilities only, rather than open my eyes to what wasn't there. Isn't that a set-up for disappointment?

I think that when something that seems full of promise sails into our lives, we need to take a little time to get to know it, rather than jumping on board all gung-ho. If we don't inspect the vessel, we could end up sinking in the middle of the ocean.

I was lucky, I hadn't even made it out of the harbour before my boat capsized, but I could have been in way over my head had I been given the opportunity. Dangerous.

And how do I cope with all of this? By this - thinking about it, working out that it was me, not the person/situation. That didn't change, it was my hope for it that created my disappointment in it. By taking responsibility.

The lesson I have learned:

  • Feel blessed at the joys that come into your life.

  • Take the time to really look, not just at the possibilities, but at the lack of them too.

  • Turn everything over in your mind slowly and more than once.

  • If it's not what you want, walk away. Don't keep hoping the situation will "change" or "get better."

  • It is what it is.

  • Be thankful for the lesson.

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