Although I try not to, sometimes, usually when I'm not being mindful, I label myself.
I've never been a girl into labels of any type, be they designer or personal.

Recently, it has occurred to me that I have always thought of myself as someone with no patience. Granted, I'm not particularly fond of waiting - however I don't think I've met any people who enjoy that particular activity.

It has come to my attention now that I have put a little thought into it, that when there is something I am interested in that isn't in my life to the degree I would like, I will wait.
I may wish for it to manifest faster than it is, or spend more time thinking about it, but on the whole, I have to wait. There is no point in pushing too hard, because timing is paramount.

Have you not found that certain things or people appear in your life when you need them? You may not have even been aware you were waiting for them. Which is the nicest way to wait :)

I believe we all have this gift for patience. If we want something that much, we don't stop wanting it in our lives just because it hasn't arrived yet - the house, the lover, the job.

Just because your dreams haven't come to you, is no reason at all to give up on them.
Develop the gentle art of patience, keep dreaming and living and being the best person you are.

Keep working towards your field of dreams - like the voice says "if you build it they will come."

3 Friends say...:

Jennifer Paganelli said...

Sue !!! I waited so long for this blog and it comes at the perfect time. Thanks for being teachable and sharing with us the fine art of waiting. xoxo jennifer

Anonymous said...

Avoiding the consumption of assumption! I have my mother to thank for teaching me that individuality is the key to open many doorways.

Awesome post Honey Bee xox

JJ Jalopy said...

I've spent most of my life running around like a headless chicken.

Only now am I really starting to learn to slow down and wait.

I like your writing. It's really peaceful.