I've been thinking. You might have gathered that I like to think and you're right. I do it a lot, and it's something I'm very good at!

Anyway, this time I've been thinking about mail. As in letters in the post.

I don't believe there are enough of them, and it's time to bring back the lost art of letter-writing.

Wouldn't it be lovely to go to your mailbox and find a wonderfully pretty envelope with your name and address beautifully enscribed on the front? And when you open that envelope out slides a hand-written missive just for you...

Someone has cared enough to sit down and compose a letter. Someone has actually taken time out of their day to think of you and put their thoughts on paper. How nice that would be!

Don't get me wrong my friends, I absolutely am a fan of email and text - as a matter of fact I prefer to communicate that way, but oh! There is just something about a letter. Something that stirs the soul a little, don't you think?

It's very Jane Austen and a very mindful way to communicate - so for me that's double the reason to write.

And think of all the fun you can have searching out divine papers and delightful envelopes in which to enclose your little pieces of grace.

Have I convinced you yet?

5 Friends say...:

Nancy said...

send me your address in Australia, I'll send a REAL letter, "snail Mail"... I know what you are saying! My adult kids barely know how to post anything!
Nancy Geaney
206 Sharp Hill Rd
Wilton, CT

Winterwood said...

love your blog and your post about real snail mail is spot on!

Anonymous said...

I have spent some time thinking about this very same subject because I would pine for human contact... whether it face to face or by handwritten snail mail.
After much consideration I must declare that I am very thankful for the electronic devices of our time that enables me to text, FB, twit and blog to you at any time I choice. If it weren't for these devises.. I should think that the growth of our friendship would be much slower.. and we would be missing out and wasting precious time.
All that said... I must agree with you! I love receiving mail.. real mail.. proper handwritten mail.. and snip bits in a little over stuffed pink and gently scented envelope! It makes me buzz with delight!

Love ya xox

JJ Jalopy said...

I love receiving mail.

But I very rarely write letters because I'm lazy!

Reading this has convinced me to write a letter to my Gran. I just know it's going to put a massive smile on her face...

Suzie said...

That is awesome JJ!! I think I will write to my Nan too :)